The Doctor

from by Gene Maarkr

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Humorous and depressing song about the doctor.


[C]Ohhh, I've [G]got to see the [C]doctor
[F]This pain I've got, it just won't go [C]away
[F]It might be in my head [C]or I might just end up dead
[G]Just more bad news [C] see what the doctor says

[C]His office is painted [G]gray and the plants are [C]withered
[F]The desk clerk says you're messing up [C]her day
[F]Why I've been here waiting isn't [C]clear
[G]Sometimes I wonder why I even come [C]here

[C]Do you know [G]the doctor, does he [C] like me?
[F]Is he smart enough to cure my [C] affliction?
[F]Do I lie about bad habits for many [C]years?
[G]Can I trust him with my secrets and my [C] fears?

[F]I don't like getting poked, or felt or [C] picked at
[G]I don't know if they'll even get it [C] right
[F]If he gives me a month to live, I hope it's [C] August.
[G]Some day I'll take a pill and say good [C] night [Am]


[C]Everything I [G]do is going to [C] kill me
[F]Don't feel too bad if I'm about to [C] die
[F]I feel no guilt, and grief is for the [C] living
[G]I don't need flowers and I [C]won't see you cry.


from Country Classic, released February 24, 2017
Gene Maarkr - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Drums, Fiddle
Written, mixed, produced by Gene Maarkr.




Gene Maarkr Bangor, Maine

Mostly a solo artist, Gene Maarkr prefers not to play live; writing, recording and producing songs in his studio instead, exploring synthetic sounds with rock, jazz and euro themes. His most recent collaboration is with Jim Trudel, producing a country album. ... more

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