So Nice To Be Here With You

from by Gene Maarkr

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Who's singing this song? Wait till you get the end.


[C]It's so nice to [G]be here with [C]you
[F]In this lazy [F]evening [C]time
# I liked F C F but Jims said it didn't sound right with the vocals
[C]When you come home, [G]i'm happy
[C]When you leave home, [F]I'm sad
[C]It's so nice to [G]be here with [C]you [G]

I've always got you on my mind
There's nobody else that I find
I miss you when you leave me
When you're with me I'm glad
It's so nice to be here with you

I'd give up my life to help you
Most people wouldn't understand
You're my best-est ever buddy
Even tho you're a humman
It's so nice to be here with you

It's so nice to be here with you
And I'll be here for you to turn to
I know i'm so lucky
I'm with you when i can
I'll be waiting in dog heaven for you.

Well we're not around here forever
Make the most of whatever we have
Don't know if it shows
Just want you to know
It's so nice to be here with you

instrumental outro


from Country Classic, released February 24, 2017
Gene Maarkr - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Drums, Orchestral
Jim Trudel - Guitar, Writing
Written, mixed by Gene Maarkr.
Produced by Gene Maarkr and Jim Trudel.




Gene Maarkr Bangor, Maine

Mostly a solo artist, Gene Maarkr prefers not to play live; writing, recording and producing songs in his studio instead, exploring synthetic sounds with rock, jazz and euro themes. His most recent collaboration is with Jim Trudel, producing a country album. ... more

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