My Truck is in the Ditch

from by Gene Maarkr

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It's not only my truck that's in the ditch...


I'm [C]driving my [F]truck home after midnight[C] [F][C]
and gazing [F]up into the hazy starlight[C]
[C]maybe because I was drinking [F]some potion[C]
*[G]My truck's a weavin', swervin' and in [C]motion


*Like a shadow, misfortune, stays with me
Like that deer that came out from the trees
*The voodoo doesn't quit, so I'll have another drink
#My troubles just won't quit, so I'll have another drink
Hardship can last longer than you think.

#cause sadness, lasts longer than you think.

[F]Well, my truck is in the [G]ditch and it's not [C]runnin [Am]
[F]There's no one in the [Em][Dm]seat beside of [C]me
[F]I'm hurtin and there's [G]no one else to [C]help me[Am]

[F]My truck is in the [G]ditch
[C]Well, isn't that a [Am/C]bitch
[F]My truck is in the [G]friggin ditch a[C]gain

Bridge instrumental 16 bar
[D#][Gm/D][C] x 2

Verses 3-4

I feel like I'm broken inside
Maybe it's all in my mind
#*It seems like all I have is pain
#*...and tomorrow is more of the same.
#I'm tired of drinking and I wanna go home
#It sucks to get old, and live alone
I dream of better days, and in so many ways
#tomorrow... is more of the same.
*...and tomorrow is not another holiday.


from Country Classic, released February 24, 2017
Gene Maarkr - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Drums
Jim Trudel - Guitar, Writing
Written and mixed by Gene Maarkr.
Produced by Gene Maarkr and Jim Trudel.




Gene Maarkr Bangor, Maine

Mostly a solo artist, Gene Maarkr prefers not to play live; writing, recording and producing songs in his studio instead, exploring synthetic sounds with rock, jazz and euro themes. His most recent collaboration is with Jim Trudel, producing a country album. ... more

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