Country Classic

by Gene Maarkr

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This is my first 'Country' album. I enlisted the help of Jim Trudel to add some tracks, guitar, and production assistance.
The songs are core old-country style, but many have a new pop-rock feel to them.


released February 24, 2017

Gene Maarkr with the incredible Jim Trudel



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Gene Maarkr Bangor, Maine

Mostly a solo artist, Gene Maarkr prefers not to play live; writing, recording and producing songs in his studio instead, exploring synthetic sounds with rock, jazz and euro themes. His most recent collaboration is with Jim Trudel, producing a country album. ... more

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Track Name: Truckin'
[G]Got a route that runs from [C]Bangor out to [G]Tulsa
[C]In my kitty whopper [G]900B[D]
[G]No time to stop and get another cof[C]fee
[D]Cause i'm seeing [C]three more days [G] in front of me

I'll be rollin down that hiway all night long
Smokin, telling jokes and singing songs
Got the wipers turned on hi
Hopin' I ain't gonna die
I'm a crazy man, truck drivin SOB

[D]I been to war but [C]I ain't been to [G]hell
and which is worse I really couldn't tell
[G]I wish I hadn't pressed my luck
[C]by comin' home and driving truck
[D]Just one more prayer will [C]get me to [G]tomorrow

cruisin in the fast land doin' 90
coffin dodger pulls out in front of me
I knew these good times couldn't last
'cause I was goin' way too fast
I'm a screamin demon, with 30 tons behind me

I'm sideways now, with both feet on the brake
I'm hoping this works out for heaven's sake
I woke up in a big cold sweat
this had to be the worst dream yet
Truckers never die they just stay loaded
Track Name: That Girl
Verse 1
Well I was [E]sittin' [A]down at the end of the ba[E]r [A]
Throwin down Jose shots and talkin about cars
When that girl walked in well every head was turned
-She [E]looked so hot I[B] thought my eyes had been [A]burned [E]

Verse 2
That Girl (she) walks like a lady walks
and that girl talks like a lady talks
She's got a smile bright as a breaking dawn
-and she stole my heart before I ever knew it was gone

[A]She's real fine like a vintage wine
[E]Perfect in every way
[A]I'm gonna try to make that (little) girl mine
[F#]I'll just have to find a way[B]

Verse 3
To be real cool and not play the fool
To keep my mouth shut tight and try not to drool
To take her little hand and put it in mine
-And then I'm sure that everything'll work out fine

Chorus Instrumental (bridge)


Repeat Verse 3
To be real cool and not play the fool
To keep my mouth shut tight and try not to drool
To take her little hand and put it in mine
-And then I'm sure that everything'll turn out fine
Track Name: It's All Nonsense, Anyways
[G]This world's more screwed up than you might think
My water isn't safe to drink
[C]this PC world leaves lots to say
[G]and I can't say it anyways
[D]Bush, Obama, [C]Carter, Nixon
[G]Everything in this world needs fixin

The oil we get makes earthquakes now
They're serving us synthetic cows
Our brains are all stored on our phones
My folks are brain dead, live at home
We're having racial mobocracy
It's all nonsense, anyways


Reporters don't report no more
We don't know what were fighting for
The sun is gonna fry our skin
And ISIS is gonna do us in
Some kids can't read and most can't spell
It's all nonsense, that I can tell

We all get disability
There's immigration insanity
We need to pay our Federal debt
I'm getting shot at, ain't dead yet
Most everyone don't even care
It's all nonsense, everywhere
[D]Please, please, [C]please, Lordie help [G]me
I'm thrown my money in the wishing well
this country isn't working like it should be
and the pastor says I'm goin to hell
Track Name: Henrietta, my Favorite Chicken
[d+D][a+D]Oh where did u go henrietta?
I've searched the farm you're nowhere to be [a+E][e+E]found.
Oh where did u go henrietta?
I just enjoy having you [d+D][a+D]around.

[b+G][g+G]Most people say that you're just a [d+D][a+D]chicken
[a+E][e+E]You know that you're much more than that to [d+D][a+D]me
[b+G][g+G]I really like you much more than my in-laws
[a+E][e+E]Oh darling, will you come on back to [d+D][a+D]me?

Oh where did u go henrietta?
In the woods, or are you in a [a+E][e+E]tree?
Maybe wandered down the road for breakfast
I'm hoping that you're thinking of [d+D][a+D]me.

[b+G][g+G]Henrietta, you're my special [d+D][a+D]chicken
[a+E][e+E]You're my favorite mother-clucking[d+D][a+D] hen
[b+G][g+G]I dream about you in the night
[d+D][a+D]You're being gone just isn't right
[a+E][e+E]Oh Henrietta, come on home to me.
Track Name: My Truck is in the Ditch
I'm [C]driving my [F]truck home after midnight[C] [F][C]
and gazing [F]up into the hazy starlight[C]
[C]maybe because I was drinking [F]some potion[C]
*[G]My truck's a weavin', swervin' and in [C]motion


*Like a shadow, misfortune, stays with me
Like that deer that came out from the trees
*The voodoo doesn't quit, so I'll have another drink
#My troubles just won't quit, so I'll have another drink
Hardship can last longer than you think.

#cause sadness, lasts longer than you think.

[F]Well, my truck is in the [G]ditch and it's not [C]runnin [Am]
[F]There's no one in the [Em][Dm]seat beside of [C]me
[F]I'm hurtin and there's [G]no one else to [C]help me[Am]

[F]My truck is in the [G]ditch
[C]Well, isn't that a [Am/C]bitch
[F]My truck is in the [G]friggin ditch a[C]gain

Bridge instrumental 16 bar
[D#][Gm/D][C] x 2

Verses 3-4

I feel like I'm broken inside
Maybe it's all in my mind
#*It seems like all I have is pain
#*...and tomorrow is more of the same.
#I'm tired of drinking and I wanna go home
#It sucks to get old, and live alone
I dream of better days, and in so many ways
#tomorrow... is more of the same.
*...and tomorrow is not another holiday.
Track Name: City Girls Just Like Electronic Sounds
[C]Mary Lou grew up with all the cowboys
Learned to ride and take care of the farm[G]
[C]Quiet, peaceful life you would agree
Lovin, livin, turning on the charm[G]

[C]One day she got bored with country livin
Listened to some screechin piano keys[G]
[C]Packed her bags to try the city life out
Told her ma, this music’s right for me[G]

[F]Got herself a place right near the downtown[C]
[F]Workin days and nights -just hangin round[C]

[F]Hittin all the dance clubs in the city[C]
[G]Says the girls just like lectronic sounds[c]

[F]City girls just like lectronic sounds[C]
Thumpin beats with synthesized surround
Screamin noise that drives a grown man crazy
[G]City girls just like lectronic sounds[C]

Mary Lou don't listen to her mama
Play this loud 'lectronic stuff for me

orig Chorus
[F]City girls just like lectronic sounds[C]
Thumpin beats with synthesized surround
Screamin noise that drives a grown man crazy
[G]City girls just like lectronic sounds[C]
Track Name: So Nice To Be Here With You
[C]It's so nice to [G]be here with [C]you
[F]In this lazy [F]evening [C]time
# I liked F C F but Jims said it didn't sound right with the vocals
[C]When you come home, [G]i'm happy
[C]When you leave home, [F]I'm sad
[C]It's so nice to [G]be here with [C]you [G]

I've always got you on my mind
There's nobody else that I find
I miss you when you leave me
When you're with me I'm glad
It's so nice to be here with you

I'd give up my life to help you
Most people wouldn't understand
You're my best-est ever buddy
Even tho you're a humman
It's so nice to be here with you

It's so nice to be here with you
And I'll be here for you to turn to
I know i'm so lucky
I'm with you when i can
I'll be waiting in dog heaven for you.

Well we're not around here forever
Make the most of whatever we have
Don't know if it shows
Just want you to know
It's so nice to be here with you

instrumental outro
Track Name: Vote For Me
I'm running for this office
It's the ideal thing to do
It's something that I've always wanted to...

I'll wear a suit and hat
Give you money when I can
Protect us all, I'll be your biggest fan

I'll give you free food and a home
or give you jobs you need
I guarantee that you achieve your dreams

Vote for [G]Me[F][Em][D]
Vote for Me
Vote for Me

I'm kissing all your babies
and I'll even kiss you too
I'm shakin hands and smilin' big for you

Play golf all day with VIPs
Drive 'round in limousines
but let's be clear that I know everything

Don't need to act on what I say
Alright to tell a lie
just wanna be an ordinary guy

Vote for [G]Me[F][Em][D]
I'm the one for you
Vote for Me
it's me you look up to
Vote for Me
Track Name: Forty Bucks, a Headache and a Beer
[E]these words may not [B] mean nothing [E][B]
[A]cause i can't write [E]good at all
[E]and rhymin ain't [B]my thing you know
[A]as i sit here in this honkey tonk [B]

there's a table in the corner,
with my name carved in the wood
and that pretty bar stool cowgirl
ain't never looked so good.

it's Friday night in Nashville
and closing time is near
well i've got forty bucks, a headache and a beer.


don't make some crap request tonight
won't play it like i should
my piano, she won't treat me right
but the band is playing good

her name is Liza Jane, and
hits a bad note time to time
won't get her fixed too soon, you know
and the keys can't read my mind

I got troubles that needs fixin
and duct tape can't repair
don't know my worst affliction
the reasons aren't so clear

it's Friday night in Nashville
got fans that I admire
cause my best friend's in this bottle
and there's no one in this bar

well it's Friday night in Nashville
and closing time is near
well i've got forty bucks, a headache and a beer.
Track Name: The Doctor
[C]Ohhh, I've [G]got to see the [C]doctor
[F]This pain I've got, it just won't go [C]away
[F]It might be in my head [C]or I might just end up dead
[G]Just more bad news [C] see what the doctor says

[C]His office is painted [G]gray and the plants are [C]withered
[F]The desk clerk says you're messing up [C]her day
[F]Why I've been here waiting isn't [C]clear
[G]Sometimes I wonder why I even come [C]here

[C]Do you know [G]the doctor, does he [C] like me?
[F]Is he smart enough to cure my [C] affliction?
[F]Do I lie about bad habits for many [C]years?
[G]Can I trust him with my secrets and my [C] fears?

[F]I don't like getting poked, or felt or [C] picked at
[G]I don't know if they'll even get it [C] right
[F]If he gives me a month to live, I hope it's [C] August.
[G]Some day I'll take a pill and say good [C] night [Am]


[C]Everything I [G]do is going to [C] kill me
[F]Don't feel too bad if I'm about to [C] die
[F]I feel no guilt, and grief is for the [C] living
[G]I don't need flowers and I [C]won't see you cry.